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Shane Homes’ gender intelligent approach in their business practices has not only made it into the business section of The New York Times, but is now documented in a new book “The Gender Intelligent Retailer” by Joanne Thomas Yaccato with Sean McSweeney.

Yaccato is the president and founder of Toronto-based consulting firm The Thomas Yaccato Group, know as Corporate Canada’s Gender Lens™. Her book “The 80% Minority: Reaching the Real World of Women Consumers” explains the gender lens that companies must develop in order to create authentic products, services and business strategies that capture the attention and loyalty of women consumers, who, based on research control 80% of every consumer dollar spent.

“One of my top five most gratifying business experiences was working with Shane Homes,” says Yaccato, citing Shane Homes in her most recent book as “a company that has successfully adopted a gender lens approach and has gone on to see stunning results”.

Shane Wenzel, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Shane Homes says “It wasn’t until 2004 when we finally got it – women are the final decision makers on who they purchase their home from, and what goes into the home they buy. We decided to ask these key decision makers what they were looking for in a new home. This, combined with “The 80% Minority” inspired us to build a home designed by women.” The first model designed was aptly named the Yaccato I while the second model was called the Yaccato II. The Yaccato II went on to win two Alberta Awards of Excellence in Housing for best home in its price category and a marketing award for most innovative home.

Wenzel says, “Working with Joanne we looked through our own gender lens and we’ve taken what we learned from our women listening groups and incorporated it into all areas of our business from our website to floorplans, marketing materials, and our Expressions Design Centre. We incorporated what women were looking for and found important. It’s been an incredible process looking through the gender lens and modifying the way we do business, but we couldn’t be happier with the end result.”

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