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Shane Homes makes the home building process even easier with the newly redesigned Expressions Design Studio. Now, with more selections and a new name, customers will find it easier than ever to create the home of their dreams.

At the 5,000 sq. ft. Expressions Design Studio, Shane Homes and Creations by Shane Homes’ home purchasers are able to view an extensive assortment of interior and exterior products which now include cabinetry and appliances in addition to flooring (hardwood, tile and carpet), granite, railing, and more.

Shane Wenzel, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Shane Homes says. “Our customers are now able to choose their cabinets at our Expressions Design Studio. We know that the kitchen is the hub of the house, so we devoted an entire area to cabinets and accumulated a wide selection of product samples.”

“Customers are also able to view an assortment of cabinet styles in three complete kitchens that showcase an overall layout of cabinets, countertops, flooring and appliances,” Wenzel says. “By installing actual products in kitchens, customers don’t have to imagine what they will look like installed. We’ve found through market research and by talking to our customers, that it is easier to make selections this way.”

The Expressions Design Studio also has an addition of an appliance area in which customers that have chosen the Celebration Series of models are able to make their appliance selection from.

“Now that customers are able to make more selections at our Design Studio, it saves them the time and the hassle of visiting lots of different suppliers,” says Wenzel, although he notes that they will still need to visit some suppliers as they are unable to stock the vast selection of options available when it comes to such items as lighting and plumbing options.

At Expressions Design Studio customers also receive personal and professional interior design service to help turn their dream home into reality. “When you purchase a home from Shane, one of our interior designers will help you in the design process with all of your interior and exterior selections including cabinets, granite, flooring, wall colours and all the other special details that go into building your dream home,” says Wenzel.

The Expressions Design Studio also features a kid’s play area with a closed circuit TV system so parents can keep an eye on their kids while they are browsing in the Studio.

Expressions Design Studio is open to Shane and Creations by Shane Homes' home purchasers.

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