Frequently Asked Questions on Architectural Guidelines

What are architectural guidelines?

Architectural guidelines set forth certain architectural elements which are required for each home site within a community. They are prepared to promote a high level of architectural detailing, to establish and maintain a consistent theme for the community, and to ensure pleasing building form. The guidelines protect the integrity of the development and the purchaser’s investment in the community. They help maintain consistency within the community to help maintain the value of the homes well into the future.

Why do we have architectural guidelines and what purposes do they serve?

Architectural guidelines help to:
• realize the community vision the developer and builders envisioned.
• ensure there is relative consistency within a neighborhood to protect the homeowner’s investment.
• maintain property values by preventing someone from building a home that is out of character with the neighborhood.

Do architectural guidelines expire?

Architectural guidelines for a community do not expire. Homeowners can not change required architectural guidelines at any time.

Who enforces architectural guidelines?

In the initial phases of development the developer monitors compliance and after that it’s up to the residents.

Do all homes have the same architectural requirements in a community?

No. Homes in higher profile locations require more upgrades under the guidelines. For example, a home backing onto a park will require more upgrades on the rear of the home.