Design Tips

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing home you want to create an eye-catching and appealing look. It is important to figure out your style and the atmosphere you want to achieve. Your home is your biggest investment - you want it to be comfortable as well as a profitable investment for the future.

Lifestyle is the most important aspect to consider when deciding on what selections to make for your home. You want your choices of products to stand up to the test of time and look great after years of living in them. If your new home or renovation project is for the purpose of selling after a short period of time as an investment, you should base all your choices on esthetics, something that would suit most lifestyles. So let's start by talking cosmetics - what is popular and who they work for.

  • Wall Colour

    wall colour

    Dark accent walls are very popular at the moment. Dark colors add depth, making rooms feel more comfortable and inviting. If the right color is selected it will help accentuate the other products selected for your home and bring out their true beauty. Make sure to use eggshell hi-hide paint. It is washable and you are able to obtain a deeper hue of color when mixed with the higher grade of paint.

  • Countertops


    When choosing countertops, it is important to select the product that will work best for your purpose. Granite is very popular and has a fabulous visual elegance. Caesarstone is becoming very popular as it is not as porous as granite and comes in a wide variety of colours.

  • Flooring


    Shag carpet is still high in demand as it is really soft to walk on. Although the cut is shorter than it was in the 80’s, it still has the same effect with nicer wearability.

    Hardwood in the pre-finished form is the best hardwood to use in our dry climate, with its rich look and warm feel. It requires moisture to maintain its beauty so you'll want to keep an eye on the humidity level in your home. Pre-finished hardwood is quite durable for families with children and animals, although animals may cause scratch marks. If you have wood cabinets, choose hardwood that is either darker or lighter than the cabinets so that they both stand out. Try to match either the hardwood or cabinets to your furniture so there are not too many wood colours in the room.

    Tile flooring is your best choice if you would like to have an expensive look and high durability. This type of floor works for any lifestyle and theme you may be creating. Heated flooring is a nice option to keep your feet warm. If you don't want to spend money on under tile heating you can use area rugs as they look great and feel lush under your feet.

    Although somewhat expensive due to product shortages, cork flooring is being seen quite a bit this year. It is warm, soft under foot and looks great but you do need to be aware that it does have a busier look than hardwood and most tiles. Its unique look may face a slightly higher risk of criticism when it comes to the re-sale of your home. People view it to be acceptable in some rooms but not throughout the home. Cork can be stained any colour you like. It has memory so any divots and marks made by objects sitting on it come out once objects are removed.

  • Window Coverings

    window coverings

    Window coverings are a necessity for privacy, security and temperature control when living in the city. Nowadays fewer people are selecting formal drapery and are instead turning to blinds on their windows. Blinds come in various forms that can enhance any theme. They also perform different functions for different living areas of the home, such as privacy and darkness for the bedrooms, light control and privacy for the main living areas, not to mention appealing esthetics for each room. They also act as a sound barrier to alleviate echoing.

  • Small Room Size Challenges

    room size

    If you have a small living room, put an ottoman in the room rather than a coffee table. This doubles as additional seating or put a tray on it and it can be used as a coffee table. Tuck some low stools under your island for additional seating when entertaining or purchase some fold-up chairs, and nice slip covers to go over them, that you can put away in a closet when they're not needed. Another tip for a small room is to place a long mirror horizontally on a wall so the room appears larger.